Thank you for your interest in getting involved with GamAwareness254! Together, we can make a significant impact in reducing gambling harm and fostering a gambling-free society in Kenya. There are several ways you can contribute and support our cause.

Volunteer Opportunities

We rely on dedicated volunteers who are passionate about making a difference. As a volunteer, you can actively participate in our programs, events, and outreach activities. Whether you have expertise in counseling, education, marketing, or community engagement, your skills and time are invaluable to us. Join our team and help us create meaningful change.

Donations and Sponsorships

Your financial support is crucial in sustaining our initiatives and expanding our reach. By making a donation or becoming a sponsor, you contribute directly to our efforts in raising awareness, providing educational materials, and developing innovative solutions to combat gambling harm. Every contribution, big or small, helps us create a positive impact on individuals and communities.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We believe in the power of collaboration. If your organization shares our vision and mission, we welcome partnerships and collaborations to amplify our impact. Together, we can develop joint initiatives, share resources, and work towards creating a stronger support system for individuals affected by gambling harm.

Spread the Word

You can also make a difference by spreading awareness about the risks of gambling and the resources available. Use your social media platforms, personal networks, and community gatherings to share our message. By raising awareness, you help individuals make informed choices and encourage those in need to seek support.

Contact Us

Ready to get involved? We would love to hear from you! Fill out our contact form or reach out to us via email or phone. Let us know how you would like to contribute, and we will provide you with further information and opportunities to join our cause.

Together, we can create a gambling harm-free Kenya and empower individuals to lead healthier, happier lives.

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Every contribution makes a significant impact on our mission to combat gambling harm in Kenya. Your donation helps us reach more individuals, provide vital resources, and create a safer, healthier community.